Cincinnati Outdoor Security, how and why?

In Cincinnati outdoor security is often overlooked.

What is outdoor security? Simply put, is designing your landscaping to ensure your safety.

What does that mean exactly?

When your home was built and your landscaping was installed, typically the plants were very small and ornamental in nature. It was probably designed with a limited concept that the plants would actually survive and grow in size. Fortunately or, unfortunately your plants have grown in size. What was once a small bush is now a perfect hiding spot for an intruder. What used to be an attractive entryway is now obscured by plant material.

So how do we make this secure in the future? To start with, we design a plan that includes replacing that plant material that blocks entryways, or creates barriers that are good hiding places. Some people find it attractive to have large plants around their entryways, we believe that it is a time bomb waiting to go off. We are your Cincinnati outdoor security specialist.

A security system doesn't have to have all the bells and whistles to frighten away thieves. It doesn't even have to have teeth. Well-placed thorny bushes, landscape lighting, or even an overhead light can double as a guardian.

Start burglar proofing when you're planting. Trees make great shade, but can also lead burglars to upper stories where you are more apt to leave windows open or unlocked. Plant trees far enough away from the house so that they don't provide easy access to the upstairs. This will also help prevent it from uprooting your foundation as it grows.

Think at the ground level, too. A tangle of shrubs near a door can create lurking places for thieves. Keep shrubs trimmed short or plant perennials there instead. Don't forget the back entry -- many thieves look there first. If there's no convenient hiding place, thieves will generally look for an easier target down the street.

Cincinnati outdoor security is not just about plant material. Outdoor lighting is extremely valuable in thwarting unwanted security issues.

Placement of facade lighting adds both a great accent as well as a great security measure. Just the mere fact that light is present, makes it much more unlikely that a would be an intruder would target your home. Statistics show a significant drop in criminal behavior at night, with proper lighting present. Additional Cincinnati outdoor security, planning your lighting is very important to your security

Perimeter Fencing: What is best?

Depending on your home’s surroundings and its positioning to neighboring houses, a fence may make good security sense for you. Thieves don't like fences because they make it hard to enter and exit a property and with securely locked gates, even harder to haul things away. A security fence should meet these criteria:

1) Plan for your fence to be at least 40 inches tall. Anything shorter doesn’t present enough of a deterrent to someone trying to get into your yard.

2) Choose a style that doesn't block the view. Privacy fences, for example, actually can be a security issue: Once the intruder is over the top, the fence provides excellent cover for a break-in. Be care full to plan in advance when adding a privacy fence. Cincinnati Landscaping can design this for you!

3) Make sure your fence meets local codes. Local codes, and some deed restrictions often restrict the height, style, and placement of residential fences. And before you dig that first post hole, it's wise to have your lot surveyed to make certain your new fence actually goes up on your property. Cincinnati Landscaping has been called on several occasions to correct someone’s error in this regard. In one instance, a customer erected his own chain link fence exactly 2 feet on his next door neighbors property. Not a money saving plan. He ultimately paid roughly 3 times what it would have cost if he’d contracted with us to begin with.

Cincinnati outdoor security specialist's, Cincinnati Landscaping would love to give you a free, no obligation outdoor security evaluation. Call us today at 513-479-7575

Discouraging would be intruders!

A well kept yard draws admiring attention from nearly everyone, except a burglar. Thieves are more attracted to yards that have un-kept lawns, overgrown shrubs and bushes, and lawn furniture and equipment that is strewn about the yard. These are signs that the house may be vacant or that the owners have let their security guard down. Follow these steps to make sure your property isn't sending the wrong signals:

Don't let your shrubs and trees provide cover. Cut tall shrubbery back near doors, walkways and patios as well as plantings that block windows. Try to keep your plantings trimmed to a height of 36 inches or less. Also trim any trees or shrubs that block the view to your neighbors' homes. Privacy issues aside, you want your neighbors to have a clear view of your home's doors and windows.

Pick up items in your yard and driveway regularly. Old newspapers piled up by the front door tell a burglar that the owners are away or that they seldom use the front door. Keep lawn furniture and especially ladders locked out of sight when they're not in use so they don't inadvertently provide a thief access to a second story window.

Keep your trees trimmed. Trim branches close to the house or overhanging the roof. If you have tall trees near your house, remove all limbs closer than 7 feet to the ground so the trees can't be used as ladders to second-floor windows or balconies.

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