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Outdoor Lighting, what's Necessary?

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No burglar is seeking the spotlight. In fact, they wish to remain unanimous. Keep your home’s exterior well lit and you will be on your way to a higher level of security. Here are some suggestions for making exterior lighting a part of your outdoor security plan.

Brighter isn't necessarily better. Extremely bright lights can be annoy to neighbors, blind visitors, and waste electricity. Along patios, walkways and in landscaping, 60 watts is sufficient to discourage an intruder. Keep higher wattage fixtures for entries and lights you won't leave on all night.

At all entry doors including garage, patio back and basement, use two bulb fixtures or a pair of single bulb fixtures. A second bulb helps add more light and ensures that the door will not be in the dark when one of the bulbs burns out.

Above the garage door, install a double spot light fixture maybe one that's activated by a motion sensor would be best in your case.

Along walks that run from the street or detached garage, install low-voltage dome lights. If a walkway is extremely short, a single post light may be all that’s necessary. Either or both work well with photoelectric eyes or sensors that turn the lights on at dusk and off at dawn. Cincinnati Landscaping can help answer all of your Cincinnati outdoor lighting questions.

Under eaves, use two bulb floodlights at the corners to wash the sides of your house with light. Mount them as high as possible to be cascade the most light along the side of the home while remaining unreachable by someone standing on the ground. Point them straight down so there's no unlit gap directly next to the house and be sure to use “flood” type bulbs. These are also good candidates for a motion sensor.

Under windows, use ground-mounted low voltage fixtures to up light shrubs, trees, and the sides of your house. Under first floor windows, use lower wattage bulbs to avoid any glare that could obstruct your view out. Both of these types of lights should be on timers, with emergency overides available if you feel threatened while inside your home.

Cincinnati Landscaping can answer all Cincinnati outdoor lighting questions

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All of these switches and dials, it's all so confusing!

Sensors and timers aren't just gadgets for the lights and appliances inside your home. When used to control your exterior lighting, they can become watchdogs that ensure your home is never in the dark and alert you whenever a nighttime visitor invades your property.

Screw in type photocell sensors automatically turn lights on and off. When installed on a post light or in entry fixtures, they will illuminate your house all night and turn off automatically in the morning.

Motion sensor floodlights activate only when something comes within range of the sensor. The lights stay on for a short time, and then the sensor turns the light off. Many models have an override switch that lets you turn the lights on manually.

Wall switch timers give more precise control over when exterior lights are on. Battery backup and manual overrides are both additional convenience features.

Control timers designed specifically to control exterior lighting mount outside your home. To keep anyone other than you from changing the settings, choose one with a locking cover.

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