Welcome to our before and after pictures, job photo gallery.

Welcome to Cincinnati Landscaping.com, Kessen Brothers Outdoor Maintenance before and after pictures, and job photo gallery. We have complied a few of the projects that we have done recently into this gallery. These projects have resulted in a great deal of satisfaction from their owners, which is what we thrive on. Enjoy!

Excavation of the worksite is the first step to creating a beautiful, functional retaining wall

On this particular project, we were faced with a very steep hillside, requiring a deep foundation.

Not only did the foundation have to be deep, but on recommendation of our engineer, we were required to "pin" the wall with steel rods.

Every two courses of our walls are filled with crushed limestone and compacted.

As you can see, the finished result is a great enhancement from the beginning. A walkway on top of the wall provides safety and beauty to the rear of the home.