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Cincinnati Irrigation benefits include lush lawn and plants that aren't stunted by drought or low water issues. Healthy lawn grass in the Ohio Valley, requires water during the growing season to be vibrant and healthy. As you know, the weather in out area doesn't much cooperate with that thought during July, August and even September. Seems like feast or famine nearly every year! Floods in the spring and fall, drought conditions in the summer! With an irrigation system, we will install sensors that regulate when and how much water is applied to your lawn and garden beds! Too much is just as bad as not enough! The underlying question for you, as a property owner is, is it worth it. Not only the cost of an irrigation system, but the maintenance and water? From a landscaping point of view, the answer is an overwhelming yes! Think of it this way, your lawn is what surrounds what is likely your largest investment! You paint your house when it needs paint and you add plants to make it more appealing, so why wouldn't you want the largest area of plants on your property to be healthy and lush? Like your driveway, when it is in need of repair, you repair it both from a functional as well as an ascetic point of view. When your lawn and flower beds are withered and anemic, the ascetic point of view is ugly and unkept, but there's a more important side of the view. When your lawn is left to dry out and die, if even only in spots, you open the lawn up for weed seeds to germinate and grow unencumbered! In addition, as rain begins to fall on those areas without grass, it allows erosion to being, and then every rain event, it gets worse. If the lawn is lush and thick, weeds are less likely to germinate because they have no sun ruching them because the grass is so thick and equally, when the grass is lush and thick, erosion is minimized because of the stems and roots of the grass holding the dirt in place! So its a bit more involved than just wanting your grass to be green.

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Lawn Sprinkler / Irrigation Systems

We install and service lawn sprinkler / irrigation systems:

* New Construction (before landscaping) This type of job typically uses the trencher method and costs less due to lower labor costs and quicker clean-up. The obvious advantage to this method is the ability to water in the new landscaping automatically upon completion of the planting, giving your plant materials the exact amount of water they need to flourish.

* Established Yards (after landscaping) This type of job uses a vibratory plow, which buries the pipes and wires 10-12 inches below your lawn WITHOUT digging a trench! These revolutionary machines do an incredible job of allowing the installation of an automatic system with minimal disruption of existing turf. Depending on soil conditions, this is the preferred method of installation in an existing yard.

The materials used in the installation of your new system will be cutting edge yet with a proven track record. Every year there are new controls, heads and valves that can make existing systems more effective and less expensive to operate. At the end of the day, the purpose of installing an irrigation system is to make your property more beautiful, we can help accomplish that without breaking the bank.


Annual Maintenance Agreement

We are among the first in the Cincinnati irrigation business to offer an optional "Annual Maintenance Agreement".

This program allows for automatic spring start-ups and winterizations of your irrigation system. This popular program is perfect for those that travel frequently or are otherwise too busy to remember to handle the routine system maintenance at the appropriate times. In addition, this regularly-scheduled service keeps your system in top-notch performance operation, maintaining water-efficiency and lowering your operating costs. We will design a system that is highly effective in beautifying your property while operating at the lowest cost possible.

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System Renovations / Improvements

We can come to your property and do a system analysis that can identify changes and improvements which can increase the efficiency of your existing system. Many homeowners and commercial property owners benefit substantially from this service, whether adding a rain sensor, replacing leaky heads or valves, or adding a new zone. We're very aware of the costs of water today and strive to design (or improve) systems that minimize the waste of this resource.

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