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Do you have excessive water that lays near your home after a hard rain? Puddles in your yard? Does it take days or even weeks for your yard to dry out after a rain? Are there holes in your yard as the result of water “streaming” through, washing the soil away? These are all tell tale signs that there is a problem with your drainage. Water that is laying on the surface any longer than a couple of days is telling you that there is a significant problem.

When water is allowed to lay on the surface, the soil becomes softened to the point that any run-off , water that is moving across the surface, causes long term erosion. Sometimes this erosion is very subtle, causing the top soil to be removed over a period of time and other times the erosion is seen as a rut or groove that is cut from a directed source of water cutting the soil away. In either case, addressing the problem before it gets to the point of doing damage is the key to resolving most Cincinnati drainage issues.

This photo shows what happens when long term soil saturation goes un-corrected. Over time, the soil stayed wet and every time it rained a little bit more of the top soil was removed until there was a large "bowl" area that water began to collect in.

There are many different types of solutions for Cincinnati drainage issues. The first is a surface drainage solution.

If you have an area of your yard that seems to be wetter than it was a year ago, beware of what's happening. As the slow and ongoing movement of water moves across your property, it is gathering a small amount of fertile soil. This is called erosion. This erosion is normal across our entire area. The problem occurs when this movement of soil, slowly creates a small pot hole or belly. This area then becomes a holding area for water that can then hydrate the soil to a deeper level. Once this happens, it takes far less water flow to remove a significant amount of soil, expanding the affected area and causing more damage. We meet with hundreds of customers every year that tell us "it wasn't this bad last year" and nearly 100% of the time, this is the cause. The longer you allow your property to be wet, the more erosion you will have and with our significantly changing weather patterns, this trend will not end any time soon. If you have areas in your property that you see getting worse over time, call us, we can help resolve the issue before it becomes a much bigger concern! We are your Cincinnati Drainage Experts!

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We have years of knowledge and experience resolving every kind of drainage issue found in the Greater Cincinnati area. Ponding water, flowing water, water that has hydrated the soil, water that is causing erosion, water that is damaging homes, garages, driveways, sidewalks and other property, we've seen just about everything and been able to help correct it.

With so many different types of drainage issues, it takes experience to quickly identify and correct specific problems. Based on our knowledge, we can bring resolution to virtually every drainage issue in the area. French drains, surface drains, collection basins, and grading area all methods used to remove dangerous water from your property.

Surface Drainage Systems

Surface drainage systems aim to collect excess surface water from walkways, patios and driveways, planting beds, window wells, and specific lawn areas where water tends to collect. Water enters a surface drainage system through catch basins, or “boxes”, which have a sump area that collects debris to prevent clogging of the piping.

Catch basins or “boxes” and the drainage grates that go on top of them are available in a variety of sizes and styles depending upon the application.

Square drainage grates are used for walkways, driveways, parking lots, around swimming pools, while round grates are most generally used in lawn or turf areas.

Catch basins are available in both plastic and concrete depending on the application and the amount of water being collected

Channel Drains

Another form of the surface drainage system is the channel drain. Channel drains are frequently used in paved areas to collect water. They are essentially an extended trough or catch basin covered by a long grate. Typical channel drains can be installed with 4"-5"-6"-8" or 10" wide channels and can be infinitely. Channel drains can be installed virtually anywhere water is gathering or flowing on the surface. Typical locations for channel drains are the entrance to a garage, the entry door where water is accumulating and weeping into the threshold and even inside commercial facilities where effluent water is migrating.
As with most surface catch mechanisms, channel drains can also be connected together with solid piping. The size, length and applications can be determined by one of Cincinnati Landscaping's project estimators. Call today to schedule! 513-479-7575

Atrium drainage grates have a raised "dome" design to help prevent debris from building on top of the grate openings. These are used in window wells, planting areas, and other applications where mulch, stone, or other landscape debris would tend to cover drain openings.

The size of the catch basin should be sized to the anticipated volume of water to be collected. In addition the pipe carrying the water from the catch basin should be properly sized to carry enough water from all catch basins to which it is connected. Always size a little larger than necessary for safety. The additional material cost is minimal and mistakes can be costly. If the drain will be exposed to excessive weight or traffic from above, you may consider a pre-cast concrete catch basin with a metal drainage grate. The drainage line connecting the catch basins should be of a solid (non-perforated) design. Both solid PVC and corrugated plastic piping are acceptable.

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Downspout Drains 

Drain lines are used to carry roof water from downspouts, away from buildings and planting beds. Downspout drain lines can be especially helpful if the grade around a building does not cause water to move away from the foundation. Downspouts can be connected to solid PVC or corrugated plastic drain pipes to carry roof water away from the building.

Downspouts can add significant amounts of water into the lawn areas and even cause extensive damage when allowed to drain near the foundation. Removing the water from the area and discharging it to a non-threatening area is key to avoiding long term damage both from standing water and basement leakage. In this photo, we are making the discharge connection for a downspout. In this particular customers case, the downspouts were adding so much water on the surface that the window wells, which were adjacent to the downspouts, were filling with water to overflowing and leaking into the basement. Removing the water from the area solved the leaking basement!

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French Drain Systems

Cincinnati Landscaping is the leader in Cincinnati drainage, specializing in French Drains!

French Drains collect sub-surface water from poorly drained areas and carry it elsewhere and hopefully to a main drainage line, dry well, ravine, or the street. French drains can intercept water that is draining from adjacent properties and carry it away before it enters your lawn or landscaping.

A French Drain is constructed using simple materials; pea gravel or crushed rock, woven landscape fabric, and a perforated drainage pipe (usually the corrugated variety).

To create a French Drain, dig a trench that will carry water away from the area to be drained. Ideal places to put French Drains are the bases of slopes, along retaining walls, or any other area where water tends to collect. Make certain that your trench is well sloped so that water is encouraged to move through the drain to the desired destination.

French drains remove both surface and sub-surface water.

Line the trench with landscape fabric. Install a 4" or 6" perforated drain line at the bottom of the trench, and backfill with gravel. The landscape fabric should be wrapped all of the way around the gravel to prevent mixing of the surrounding soil into the gravel. If you don’t completely encase your gravel the silt from water falling into the trench will plug the gravel that is placed in the trench, eliminating the usefulness of your French drain. This is a crucial step in an effective drainage system! This will keep the porous spaces in the gravel open for the water to flow through.

In areas with severe drainage problems, multiple perforated lines are used as water collectors or interceptor drains. Water enters the perforations in the drain lines when the surrounding media is saturated and can be carried away more quickly than just by percolating though the gravel.

If feasible, you can connect the French drain perforated lines into a main, non-perforated header line to collect and carry the water to its final destination.

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Basement Waterproofing

Basement waterproofing becomes necessary when water is permeating the grade around a foundation. This water, in a perfect world, is discharged using foundation drainage tile, installed at the footing (the footing is the base of the foundation wall) of the foundation. This drainage tile can then either be run to a sump where it is mechanically pumped out or it can be routed to a downhill daylight discharge. When this drainage tile begins to fail, water accumulated outside the foundation wall and presses against the outside of the wall, looking for any cracks or fractures it can find to leak in to the inside of the foundation, causing moisture issues and property damage. Additionally, the hydraulic pressure on the outside of the foundation can cause significant damage to the foundation wall if left unresolved. This pressure can cause the entire wall to move inward, causing instability and critical structural issues! When this happens, the wall will need to be excavated and repaired and new drainage tile installed. During this process, the outside of the wall is made waterproof with one or more of the following, poly membrane, hot tar or cold tar at the minimum. If you see the evidence of water inside your foundation, please call us before it gets worse. We can help resolve the issue before it becomes a much bigger problem. We are the leader in Cincinnati drainage solutions, call us today! 513-479-7575

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Yard Drainage

This picture shows the effect of surface water in need of yard drainage! The property owner built a bridge to cross the backyard without getting muddy and wet. After the yard drainage was completed, it was dry within a day after a rain event!

The issues with yard drainage in the Ohio Valley are compounded with the quality of the soil. While some areas of the country are luck enough to have great, loamy, fertile soil, we, in the Cincinnati area, generally have clay. Clay is generally fully hydrated all the time. This makes the permeation of surface water nearly impossible. If the soil is not able to absorb the water at the surface, it has nowhere to go other than to accumulate and begin moving across the surface. This is a re-occurring problem in the Cincinnati area. As the water moves across the surface, it starts eroding what little good top soil there away, leaving a huge mess. We are familiar with resolving this issue once and for all. With the use of everything from surface catch basins, French drains, channel drains and grading, we can eliminate the water that is standing around your property.

Not only is the water destructive, it also gives a perfect environment for mosquitoes and other outdoor pests. We are the leaders in Cincinnati drainage and want to help you get your water under control!

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Drainage in your landscape is as important as proper irrigation. Standing water in landscaped areas can cause plant diseases and can even kill sensitive plants. Overly wet lawn and turf areas are prone to soil compaction and damage from footprints and mowing equipment.

In addition, drainage near buildings is important to prevent weeping and moisture intrusion into foundations and walls.

Drainage systems can use several techniques to remove unwanted water from an area. Whether a residential or commercial site, your circumstance will be dependent on which technique will be most effective.

Whether you need drainage tile, yard drains with catch basins or French drains, we can help. Cincinnati drainage experts, Cincinnati Landscaping.

When you hire someone to provide a drainage solution, be sure that it is guaranteed to perform. If the contractor is not willing to guarantee the work, you may want to think twice before signing the contract.

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