Your Cincinnati Retaining Wall Contractor is Cincinnati Landscaping!

We are the leading Cincinnati Retaining Wall contractor in the Tri-State area. We offer years of experience and hundreds of wall projects that have successfully delivered the desired result for our customers.

Whether your need is a simple wall to hold a planting bed in place or a highly detailed, strategic wall that is holding back an entire hillside, our experts can design and deliver the project of your dreams. In the Cincinnati retaining wall business, there are few company's that compare to our knowledge and expertise.

Cincinnati Landscaping installs Allan Block® products that require no concrete foundation and lock together without pins, clips or mortar. The front lip creates a built-in setback and the hollow core makes them easy to handle, easy to stack and promotes built-in drainage. We are a certified Allan Block® installation contractor, certified since 2008.

As you can see from the photos below, this installation was placed in a very tight spot, on a very steep hillside. The project had two distinct purposes, the first was to stabilize the hillside. Secondly was to create a flat "bench" or walkway on the top side of the wall so the homeowner could walk across the lower level area without falling down the hill. As you can see, we delivered what the customer wanted along with a beautiful result!

This photo shows the beginning of the project. Notice the steep hillside to the right.

The pictures above show the start of the excavation process.

Once the "bench has been cut, the foundation course is constructed and the first blocks are laid.

The picture on the left shows the angular backfill with Geogrid applied to stabilize the wall. Drainage has been installed with a discharge point downhill to keep water from causing damage in the future. The picture on the right is the front face of the wall looking from downhill.

This picture shows the wall from the opposite direction after the top-caps have been installed. As you can see, there is a stepping stone path that is comfortably constructed across the top of the wall, leading from one side to the other.

The Allan Block® family of products have been developed and engineered to deliver creative landscape solutions. With Cincinnati Landscaping and Allan Block®, you can feel confident you are making the right choice.

The Allan Block® Collections give you a choice of styles to meet your site and design requirements. Choose the collection that best accents your home and lifestyle.

As the leader we will provide our expertise, knowledge and experience to complete your wall project on time and with the desired result. Big or small, short or tall, we can build your Cincinnati Retaining Wall! Call us today to schedule a time for one of our wall experts to share how we can help! 513-479-7575


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