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We are your Cincinnati Commercial Drainage Experts. Surface drainage problems can create significant issues in and around commercial and industrial properties. We have decades of experience resolving issues that cause these problems. Whether it be parking lots that are in need of catch basins or storage vessels or even French drains in lawn areas or under pavement, we can provide insight and knowledge of how to resolve any drainage issue on your commercial property.

Stormwater and runoff issues?

Owning property in the Ohio Valley assures us that because of the ever changing weather, extreme heat to extreme cold, dry to wet, we will continue having water related issues. Heavy rains can make a huge impact on the well being of your property. Problems you never knew existed suddenly show up after a hard rain. These issues then become progressive when not properly resolved. 

Stormwater that is left uncontrolled will result in multiple different issues long term. The first is erosion and just as imperatively, long term saturation will result in this erosion happening over a long period of time, slowly removing soil in "bowl" areas, making ponds of water on the surface, which cause additional hydration causing further erosion. In properly drained soil, the erosion is general kept to a minimum, while areas that are allowed to collect water, cause the soil to become saturated or wet. If the rain flow stops, this is no big deal, but if the ground remains wet, then additional rain comes, the flowing water causes these wet areas to shed soil at an ever increasing rate, simply because the new rain doesn't have to hydrate the soil to make it pliable. When you begin to see ponds or "bellies" of standing water on the surface, this is a warning sign of bigger issues coming. 

Crumbling Asphalt is a sign of drainage issues!

Let's face it, our driveways and parking areas are costly to install. When asphalt is installed and maintained, it will last for years. When we see pavement that begins to have isolated cracking and crumbling, chances are, there is a problem with the foundation.  Asphalt pavement that has underlying stability issues most often in the Ohio Valley, is caused by water. When the integrity of the sub-surface becomes compromised with water, it becomes unstable. This photo shows the affect of underlying moisture. There are several ways to correct this type of problem, and most of the time, it's not just resurfacing the area. Discharging the water that is trapped is the first step in reestablishing the foundation of the surface, then either patching the area or resurfacing is effective. 

If there is evidence of this type of issue in any of your paved surfaces, call us today to schedule a time for one of our drainage experts to evaluate the correct solution, before the problem becomes larger. As your Cincinnati Commercial Drainage specialists, we can help with every part of resolving your stormwater issues, call us today! 513-479-7575

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We are your Cincinnati Commercial Drainage Experts!

Commercial parking lot issues, lawn issues, waterproofing issues all affect the usability and value of your commercial property. Drainage issues that prevent you from using your property to the fullest require your attention. After years of dealing with and resolving commercial drainage issues in the Greater Cincinnati area, we can identify, recommend and install the correct solution for your business!

  • Flooding
  • Standing water
  • Erosion/Washouts
  • Creek or stormwater diversions
  • Natural dams
  • Deteriorating pavement
  • Excessive soil saturation
  • Waterproofing

These are all areas that we excel in resolving! The Cincinnati Commercial Drainage experts!

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