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We are the Cincinnati downspout drain specialists! Water, although life giving, is the most harmful of Mother Natures arsenal! It is constantly seeking its own level, meaning that it is constantly being moved by gravity. When allowed to flow freely, water will erode topsoil, clay and even rock if left long enough, and if an example of its power is needed, look at the Grand Canyon. This is an overly harsh example of what water can do over time, but it is no less a word picture for the erosion it can do to your property! If your downspouts are not properly installed and discharging water where they should be, you could be doing significant damage to your property. Water that is allowed to discharge next to the foundation of a home, garage or commercial building can cause multiple different kinds of harm. We will outline a few of them below.


As you can see in this photo, even when roots are encountered while trenching new Cincinnati Downspout Drains, we are still able to get the lines installed and discharging away from the foundation!

Water seeping into the foundation.

As it rains, water that is running off of the roof is caught in the gutter system of your property. The gutters should be slightly inclined in order for the water to run toward the opening where the downspout is connected. If this water is not collected at the bottom of the downspout and routed away from the foundation, chances are it will leach into the soil around the foundation wall and (best case) either discharge into the drainage tile at the footing of the building or (worst case) accumulate on the outside of the foundation wall and seek a fracture or crack in the wall to enter the basement or even worse, build up to a point where hydraulic pressure is significant enough to physically move the foundation wall, causing significant structural damage.

The damage that can be done is significant and costly. The remedy is much more cost effective and completely effective in removing the water from around the house. 


Avoid having downspouts overflowing into garden beds or even worse, directly next to the foundation by calling us today! 

When properly installed, downspout drains cause no threat to your home. In fact, they preserve your home! If you see water bubbling up around the pipe that drops into the ground, this is an extreme warning of bad things to come! Cincinnati downspout drains should be sized so that there is no overflow of water, even during heavy rains. When water is allowed to flow toward your foundation, nothing good can come from it! 

Many of you customers over the years have sent videos of downspouts that were not only overflowing, but shooting, like a fountain around the connection that went into the ground. There are so many issues with this happening including erosion around the ground connection, which is progressive. The more it over flows, the more erosion there will be, creating a "holding area" for water to lay against the foundation. Secondly is that the water is inclines to absorb into the soil around the ground connection, creating hydraulic pressure to the foundation, potentially causing tens of thousands of dollars in damage if it gets extreme enough to crack and then displace the foundation wall! That is what is known as a catastrophic failure. Sadly, we see this very thing almost every appointment for downspouts that are overflowing. The cost to get them fixed is infinitely less than having the foundation wall repaired and waterproofed. If you have ever heard it said "penny wise and pound foolish" This would be the only reason not to have your Cincinnati Downspout Drain fixed or replaced! The reality is, if you don't, the cost of the resulting "fix" or repair will be staggering! Don't wait, call us to day to meet with one of our project specialist's. They will have the answer to all of your drainage issues! 


Water discharging into the yard or garden.

When water is discharged into the yard, there can be an erosion issue that begins occurring immediately. Erosion doesn't just happen when there is enough volume of water to "cut" the soil away. It also happens when water is allowed to saturate the soil in a given area, leaving it wet for an extended time frame. When the soil is saturated, every time it rains, even a light rain, a small amount of soil will be washed away. Over time, the constant removal of the soil actually makes the area even more susceptible to holding more water as the resulting "bowl" gets larger and deeper. The downspout pipe should be extended underground to an area that is downhill and away from the building. When repairing the issue, the area where the "bowl" has been created should then be filled to level with soil and grass seed or mulch added to prevent ongoing issues of water ponding or holding there. If left unattended, the problem will just continue to get worse and cost even more! Call us today!

We offer Cincinnati downspout drain services to the entire tri-state area.

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