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Here are the things to consider when selecting chain link your fence system:

* Primary Use - If the system is mainly used to accent your landscaping or define property boundaries, you may be able to use a lighter mesh than if you were containing pets or protecting property. * Visual Aesthetics - If you desire a fence system that blends into the environment then you should consider a color coated system. * Potential Stress - If their is the potential for climbing, or leaning on the fence you may want to consider a heavier mesh than normal. * Longevity - If the system is to remain for many years, be sure to consider the finish coating of the mesh. The color coated meshes have a long life expectancy, holding the appearance from day one throughout.

With those things in mind, let's move on with your fence selection. Where will your fence be installed? Hillside, or flat surface, rocky or soft ground, loose or compacted soil? Will you have to drill the posts or drive the posts in. Call us, we can help. 513-479-7575

Chain Link Fence Cincinnati

Cincinnati Landscaping is the quality leader in chain link fence Cincinnati! We not only install the fence, but also have the installation areas in mind. When we install a chain link fence, we take great care to ensure the surrounding areas aren't disturbed and if they are, we completely restore them as good as new.

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