Cincinnati Landscape Lighting Fixtures

Cincinnati Landscape Lighting Fixtures. We offer the highest quality Landscape Lighting Fixtures made from multiple different manufacturers to fit the look and feel that you want in your outdoor setting. Copper, brass, antique or black in color. Uplights, downlights, deck lights, passive or direct. Incandescent or LED, we have everything you need. Offering fixtures from Kichler and Vista Pro lighting companies, we can tailor the look and feel that makes your nightime beautiful! Follow the links found below to see the latest fixtures available from cutting edge outdoor lighting manufacturers. With the use of these fixture brands, we can design a lighting solution that will make your neighbors jealous! Most of the fixtures listed here are available in stock for immediate installation. Those fixtures that are out of stock are available in 2 to 3 days normally. The types of fixtures and the locations of fixtures will have a dramatic effect on how the light washes the object. To much light will look oppressive and to little light will not achieve the warmth needed to show off the property. Cincinnati Landscaping is the design leader in outdoor lighting. The design and layout of a comprehensive outdoor lighting system is critical to the effective illumination of the property. It is not only important to light the structure, but also the landscaping effects. Trees and other plant material can offer a unique affect. Call us today for a free lighting audit! 513-479-7575

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