Cincinnati Sand

We offer Cincinnati sand delivery!

Do you need sand for a project? Cincinnati Landscaping can help. We are your full service sand, gravel and mulch delivery company.

In our area, sand is mined from glacier deposits. Millions of years ago when glaciers cut the rivers in our area, they created the sand deposits as they moved. These deposits were left behind when they melted. Most of the reasonably shallow accessible sand in our area is near the three rivers, The Ohio, Great Miami and Little Miami. This is not the only place where sand deposits are, but because of the nature of glaciers, it is the easiest to mine.

We offer three different types of sand.

The first is masonry sand which is a fine, clean sand.

Masonry Sand

The second type of sand is called Ohio fine sand. This is usually used as a leveling sand for driveways and paverstone applications.

The third is course sand. As the name implies, this sand is very course and can be used for drainage or as an additive to concrete.

We also deliver gravel and topsoil

Course Sand

Cincinnati Sand