Cincinnati Lawn Overseeding

Cincinnati lawn overseeding is necessary to ensure a healthy, drought resistant lawn.

What does overseeding mean?

Simply put, overseeding is applying grass seed over the top of an existing, growing lawn. The purpose is to get a more dense lawn.

Problems in overseeding:

Seed doesn't germinate Seed begins rooting at the surface and during drought, dies. Seed contains noxious weed seeds as well as pure grass. Wrong seed type.

I need to explain in more detail why all of this is important.

What's the purpose of Cincinnati lawn overseeding?

The goal in overseeding is to get the right grass seed in the right location to germinate in the right soil to give the owner a durable, disease and drought tolerant lawn. Doing a core aeration at the same time is insurance for the lawn to be healthy and vibrant throughout the growing season.

Overseeding a lawn surface is required every five to eight years at a minimum. Overseeding is the process of adding seed to the lawn to increase the density of the lawn. Overseeding can be accomplished by just adding seed by casting it or throwing it evenly onto the lawn. There are several problems with casting the seed. First of all, there is a pretty good chance that the seed will land on thatch (underlying dead grass) and never get in touch with dirt, which is necessary to germinate and grow into. Secondly, the seed may be very uneven and therefore be very dense in some locations and very sparse in others. And thirdly, is that the underlying soil is compacted and not a very pleasant place for seed to germinate and grow in or on. (Similar to trying to grow grass on concrete or blacktop.)

Cincinnati lawn overseeding is best accomplished by a professional, using equipment specifically made for overseeding a lawn surface. A professional will know many of the variables that will ensure a successful overseeding process. Things like the type of grass seed to use in the location needed. Also, whether or not the soil is compacted or not. If the soil is compacted to much, the grass seed will germinate and start to grow, but quickly dies because the germinated seed kernel can't penetrate the soil far enough to sustain itself. If the soil is compacted, chances are a core aeration will need to be done, prior to the overseeding.

Consulting a professional company like us can actually save you money because you literally may be throwing your money on your lawn for the birds, squirrels and mice to eat instead of growing grass.

At Cincinnati Landscaping we use professional grade equipment that is specifically made to accomplish overseeding. We can evaluate the soil to be overseeded and immediately determine whether it needs to be aerated before the overseeding is done. We can also make sure that the right fertilizer is applied to the lawn as well if necessary, to jump start the new grass seeds growing.

You can rely on the leader in Cincinnati lawn overseeding, Cincinnati Landscaping LLC!

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The picture above shows the benefit of core aeration with overseeding. By creating a hole in the soil, you enable water, air and seed to fall to the bottom of the hole. The water feeds the existing root system and provides air while the hole itself makes a great cavity for new seeds to germinate in. Seeds that have a root base that deep tend to be very drought resistant because any moisture that is applied to the lawn will find its way to the holes, thereby watering the seeds to maturity. The most amazing benefit is that the roots that start in the holes stay deep, even as the holes slowly fill with dirt over time, the roots that are deeper tend to be more vibrant and disease free then those at the surface.

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Cincinnati Lawn Overseeding