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In the Ohio Valley, we are not blessed with great soil. Granted, there are some areas better than others, but, for the most part, our soil is not very good. As a result of the soil, our lawn grass suffers. Without a regular "boost" our lawns become less vibrant, and for the most part, less thick. A supplimental fertilizer application is necessary to add nutrients to the soil to make the grass robust. Instead of just adding chemicals to your lawn, we take a different approach. The first step is to take a soil sample to establish what the soil nutrient content is, before we start. Once the results of the soil test is known, we can then establish what can be done to aid the vitality. Usually, our soil is made up of red clay. Chances are, if you live in a development, even a high end development, the good soil was removed prior to your home even being a thought! Normally what is left, at best, is a very thin layer of top soil, put down specifically to support turf grass. Most developments don't even have a thin layer of top soil added before either grass was sown from seed or sod was applied. So knowing what the soil is like gives us a target as to what will supplement what's there to make the lawn beautiful.

Once the soil has been tested (usually two days) we will make a recommendation as to what, how much and how often the lawn needs to be supplimented in order to grow successfully. There are many company's in the Greater Cincinnati area that simply offer a 5 step or 7 step program, and apply, in most cases, the same volume of chemicals per square foot to all of the lawns, regardless of soil. This is not a good strategy for the vitality and long term health of your lawn. Cincinnati lawn fertilization is an art. Maintaining your lawn through the proper treatments is extremely important to its long term success. We want you as a customer for a lifetime and the one sure way to do that is not sell you a "bill of goods" that is unnecessary. The use of pesticides (bug control) and selective hebicides (weed control) is also available, and is treated similarly to fertilizer application. The amount of product applied, the type and how often will be determined once a soil test is complete.

You may be under the impression from reading this, that we must make money on soil tests, otherwise why would we push them? The honest answer is that we don't make anything on soil tests, but we have seen a significant savings for our customers in both the amount of material used and the number of applications necessary annually. In some cases, for larger properties, the savings have been 50% or more in annual savings, with better results.

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