Cincinnati Lawn Aeration

Cincinnati lawn aeration is key to a healthy, vibrant, disease free lawn.

Aeration loosens the soil which in turn provides air and nutrients to the roots, where the growing happens. We forget that grass is a plant. Our lawn is made up of millions of tiny grass plants that require similar care as other plants do. Take for example, a vegetable garden. When you plant your garden you continue cultivating the soil even after the plants have started growing. It is the same process with grass. Aeration is the underlying cultivation of the soil around the grass plants.

There are two different types of aeration processes, the first is called a spike aeration. As the name indicates, a series of spikes are driven into the ground to a depth of about 11/2". This simply creates a channel by which water and air can get deeper into the soil. The second is called core aeration. This is our preferred method of aeration. The core aeration consists of a hole, approximately 5/8" in diameter being pulled out of you lawn to a depth of about 2-1/2" deep.

That hole then has several profound benefits to the lawn. Water and air can penetrate to a very deep depth which encourages the roots to grow down, not out, which by itself makes the lawn more drought resistant. But more importantly, because the hole has been pulled out as opposed to just displaced, it reduces the compaction of the lawn surface, which, aids the grass surrounding each holes growth. It also can retain more water so there is less runoff during excessive rain events. The more water retained in the soil during the growing season, the better.

The picture below shows the net benefit to aeration. More grass plants per square foot which equals a thicker healthier lawn.

If you want a thicker lawn call us today, we can help.


Cincinnati Lawn Aeration Services Available

We can provide core aeration services, spike aeration, de-thatching services and even over-seeding services using slit-seeding machines. Each aeration service we offer completes a different and vital role in keeping or making your lawn into a showplace. While our competitors rely on a "one-size-fits-all" approach, we only offer the services that are needed to bring your lawn grasses to life. Our knowledgeable project managers will be able to suggest the best services to insure that you have the best lawn possible! Call us today to schedule an appointment with one of our experts! Why risk your lawn to amateurs? Call the experts!

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Cincinnati Lawn Aeration